The Stinson Memorial website is an online commemoration of the 1945 crash of this commercial airliner and the loss of 10 lives.

It stands hand in hand with the Stinson Memorial built by local Mia Mia residents and descendants of those lost in the crash to commemorate the 75th anniversary and dedicated on 31st January 2020.

Here you will find the stories of the people whose lives were lost, the memories of those who witnessed the crash and aided in the rescue efforts, the reporting and investigations that followed and the impacts this event had on the lives of families, community and the general flying public.

Contributions to this history have been made by relatives and friends of those lost, community members and witnesses, and other interested people who have also joined together to see the building of a Memorial come to fruition.

The Stinson Memorial Sub-Committee is auspiced by Mia Mia Mechanics Institute Inc., Valley Road, Mia Mia, Victoria 3444.

PRIME MINISTER’S DEEP REGRET CANBERRA.— The Prime Minister (Mr Curtin) said this afternoon that he had learned with the deepest regret of the shocking accident which had cost Australia the lives of valuable men doing great work for the nation. They were fine men whom Australia could not afford to lose.

Prime Minister John Curtin http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article245334712
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